Who I Am

I’m a ISMETA registered and insured Somatic Educator and Therapist; an Energetic Body Worker, Musician, Poet, and Ceremonialist. With, precision, compassion and humor I guide individual’s to overcome chronic and acute pain as well as anxiety and depression.

I help individual’s to understand and remediate the subconscious threads of habitual thinking and movement that can keep individuals from the embodiment of their innate genius.

Through experience, body-work, discipline and play, a new biographical tapestry can be woven through movement and meditation that becomes a new expression of individuality and freedom. These practices increases our ability to connect with self and others, they deepen our awareness and efficacy, and help us to move through life in a more consistent, flowing grace.

I strive to help individuals understand and express themselves as free individuals, to find their flow and creative genius. The work is a striving to utilize movement as the language of life, and to employ human movement as a tool of emotional and physical orientation, as the language of change and spiritual reception.

Are you ready to take the next step?

Somatic Therapy & Spacial Dynamics

Somatic Therapy and Spacial Dynamics® is the study of ability and mastery; It is the therapeutic application of embodied movement practices to achieve clarity of thinking, balanced emotional states, and a freedom of will forces.

Somatics is the exploration of our relationship with our body and how we move (think) as we interact with the world we live in.

I seek to aid individuals suffering acute and chronic conditions as well as those seeking to develop new ways of experiencing the world and self through the exploration of gesture, posture, movement, meditation and play.

Spacial Dynamics benefits people dealing with:

Chronic Pain


Acute Injury



Sleeping Disorders

Creative Block

Auto-Immune Disorders

Anything Involving Being a Human Being...

What to Expect

In an initial session, we’ll meet to discuss your goals and asperations for being a more embodied, pain free human being, as well as the your current experience of self. We will also discuss any diagnosis you’ve received from your doctors*

We’ll then move on to cultivate a customized approach for your healing process. This will involve movement analysis that becomes the context to create a practice combining simple and advanced embodiment practices, bio-mechanics, meditation and for those meeting in person energetic body-work (some come for this alone).

All body-work sessions take place fully clothed. Please wear comfortable clothing that is easy to move in, such as yoga or sweat pants, and comfortable sneakers and socks.

*In the case of any chronic or acute pain, it is important that you have a diagnosis from your physician before our work begins.



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