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Going There

November 28, 20232 min read

“Going There”, With a Question.

Often, when we find ourselves in pain due to acute injury we may recede into a protective shell of limited mobility and asymmetrical motion. This shell of restricted movement often leads to further injury and delays our return to normal daily function and mobility. As we engage in therapies and practices of our choosing, we may find ourselves presented with a series of prescribed exercises and projected timelines of recovery. What is often overlooked in this process is the ability for our bodies to inform us as to what is needed in regards to maximizing the effectiveness of the therapies we have chosen, as well as what may be needed but was not presented by our therapists. 

More and more I have begun to initiate my practice by pausing and asking a simple question inwardly, “what is needed?”. The answer comes as an impulse, a gentle desire to initiate movement in a certain way. In order to follow this impulse we must find courage and trust for our innate wisdom to guide us into our wholeness once more. In other words we need to be able to ‘go there’, go to the body as a source of innate wisdom.  We have the opportunity to enter into the area of injury with humility and the willingness to listen to the anatomy as our guide. We will need to quiet the voice that suggests that we “push it” and rather respond to the impulses of the body in the way a mother responds to an infant's wailing, with patience, gentleness and servitude. In my own practice this has been invaluable in overcoming injury and discovering new and fun ways of moving. This practice deepens again in the light of Spacial Dynamics in that we are engaging the spiritual aspects ourselves (forces unseen by the eye active in the physical realm) and the body can be refreshed, invigorated, and supported by the formative, energetic life-body (etheric body). Your body knows what it needs, your mind is not your brain and wholeness is closer than may seem apparent. Go there!

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Hunter Toran RSMT has over 10 thousand hours of training, teaching and clinical hours. He works with individuals of all abilities to find their ideal rhythmic embodiment to live a life of heightened awareness, refined ability to connect with self and others and to overcome chronic physical and emotional pain. Hunter also works extensively in men's healing and development with the organization The Sacred Sons.

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