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Your Walking Song

November 14, 20232 min read

“Movement is the language of life, we are well served by having as broad a vocabulary as possible.” - Hunter Toran

Your Walking Song

As a movement therapist there is no greater diagnostic tool for me than the observation of a client's gait, their “walking song”. The way a person moves through the world is a signature, a personal melody that is reflective of an individual's  awareness and a picture of  how they experience themselves and the world. In the realms of Biomechanics, and Functional Patterns it is recognized that there is an ideal, supportive gait that ties the ratios of the upper and lower limbs into a symphony of propulsion, strength and mobility. Those who suffer from mysterious chronic joint and muscle pain are almost always out of the harmonic ratios of our natural anatomical stack in motion. A “walking” song is how we, in the movement disciplines, often refer to gait in its ideal, supportive state.

 When the pelvis is tilted, the spine compressed; and the limbs retracted and out of 1:1 bilateral rhythm with the legs it is impossible to utilize the body efficiently and gracefully. Gait cycle dysfunction is often the main augmentor of the compression responsible for chronic back and knee pain. Many of my clients, and myself for that matter; Have been able to conquer chronic pain by regaining the 1:1 ratios of a healthy gait and utilizing the sequence of gait to refine and strengthen movement. I have seen several clients who described themselves as “over the hill” able to regain mobility, balance and strength and in some cases surpass what they were capable of as so-called “youngsters”. 

In parallel, I have also seen major shifts in an individual's sense, and embodiment of presence when a harmonic walking song is coupled with a decompressed posture. A refined gait gives us a new perspective and a grounded sense of self . Our awareness expands, and our ability to handle what life throws at us is increased through the foundations of a harmonic walking song. Are you ready to take the next step?

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